Postfurry Worlds

Even more new resources!

We’ve been hard at work polishing up our various resources and discussion areas, and we have a bunch of cool new stuff to announce!

  • First, we have a beta version of a Web Client for Postfurry MUCK, which should help folks who want to connect there but have had trouble setting up a desktop client. You will still need to request a character to get online there.
  • Next, we now also have a Postfurry Embassy Telegram Group, for those who are interested in something else like the Discord Server, but without Discord.
  • Finally, the Discord server itself has been revamped a bit with better organization and new rooms, and the invite link has changed. If you’re already there, you should be good to go, but if you’d like to join the fun, use this link
09 January 2018

A New Venue

So, MUCKs, right? They’re not great for casual asynchronous access, or checking from your phone, or that sort of thing, are they? Well, we now have another alternative! We’ve set up a Discord server with a lot of the same audience and vibe as the MUCK itself, which we hope will be useful as a second channel and also a coordination method for more involved activity, like the aforementioned event nights.

Thus, needless to say, the MUCK isn’t going anywhere. Finicky old technology as it may be, it’s still really important to us and we’re going to keep it around as a place to go to, and explore, and do cool elaborate stuff in, when the stars align. But we wanted a way to make it easy for folks interested in postfurry topics to gather without having to jump over the pretty hefty hurdle of MUCK access. So, join us at the Postfurry Embassy Discord server!

Along with this, we’ve put together a Code of Conduct, that covers both the MUCK and the Discord server. This is an elaboration of our previous rules, more than a replacement; with easier access and possibly more visibility, we figured it was a good chance to define our terms a bit better. 

12 December 2016


Everything seems like it’s been pretty quiet lately, what with no blog posts for years. We’ve been getting occasional new applicant attention though, which is always great; we always enjoy seeing new faces in our odd little between-spaces. We’ve recently been more active in granting unreferred requests too, so if you’re wondering whether you should submit or not, please do!

Behind the scenes there have been a few goings-on too; our associated communities have been doing a lot of worldbuilding discussion these past few months, and a lot of that is likely to start to make an appearance on the MUCK soon. If you like philosphically-themed high-concept settings that freely blend transhuman SF and weird fantasy, or just things named after quarks, watch this space.

Finally, we may do some events, or at least intentional gatherings, around the Glowtide season (December holidays, by the Terran calendar). Because hey, it’s not like anyone’s busy dealing with travel or exams or orthocosm social obligations, right? …Well, we’ll give it a try anyway.

28 November 2016

RP Update: A Million Watts of Love

OOC Note: In the interest of getting RP going but not leaving anyone left out, we’ll occasionally be posting brief summaries here of the goings-on that might affect the wider MUCK world, or those that might just be of interest to folks. If you’d like yours included, just let the staff know, via the usual channels!

Thanks to this RP, we’ve also added a new area to the MUCK, and I have some quick thoughts about RP on the MUCK, at the end of the post. Even if you’re not interested in the RP summary, please consider reading that bit.  Thanks!

It’s hard to pin down where it all came from. The narratives braid together and double-back, and causes follow effects. It’s a known side effect of the machinery, of course, reverse echoes of future events, drawing individuals together. Nikolai was fretting about unfinished business, Indi was having dreams of vis ancestors, and in another place, folks were getting quite worried for the integrity of their home.

One result was clear, though. Nikolai was tinkering in an Oneiropolis alley, trying to use an old invention to find his way back to his previous home. Indi and Elluim sought Nik out, the coyotter intending to ask him about something ve thought was unrelated. Nik cheerfully ‘allowed’ them to help in the experiment, also drawing in another passerby (Darash). And before they all knew what was happening, a literal bolt of lightning carried them up and out of the city, and back into another very different one.

Nikolai recognized his old home of Downwarp instantly, though it had clearly seen better days (even by Downwarp standards).  A lightning bolt stood at the other end as well, but this one was weak and faltering, which dismayed the otter quite a bit for reasons he wasn’t sharing with everyone else. He had a welcoming party too, a pair of Gridshamans, a blue dragonoid (Groove-Weld) and a glowing coyote golem who bore a definite resemblance to Indi (Arc-Light)

Nik at least recognized Arc, and vice versa, the coyote happily welcoming the otter back. Months had passed there, in contrast to the years that Nik had spent elsewhere, but quite a bit had changed; some of the services that Downwarp was used to had stopped working, as if the greater intelligence that used to watch over it had somehow lost interest. Arc also recognized Indi, and vice versa, some sort of filial relationship that both golems had a hard time explaining.

Nik revealed that with the equipment at this end in such a state of disrepair, they’d have a hard time getting back. The others took this well enough, exploring the strange new city, and delving into the local culture and attractions. Elluim found a new glowy waterpark, and Indi immersed verself in study of the mystic traditions that ve’d only dreamed about vague before.  Nik, meanwhile, did Science.

It was a couple weeks before Nik gathered the others together again, ready to open the bridge home. This required a combination of his own technology, and the ‘local semiotics’ of the Gridshamans, to re-energize the bolt and let it find its way back. And so it did, though Nik seemed only half intent on that as his goal, paying quite a bit of his own attention to some other goal that he was reluctant to explain. But the bolt blazed bright, the bridge found its way back, and a permanent link was established between Downwarp and the Oneiropolis, a new Lightning Tree lighting the night in each city.

Downwarp has been added as a new area. We’re hoping Downwarp will be an area where RP is more strongly encouraged. We want to keep the vibe of a free mix of RP and casual socializing, but I figured it might be worth a try to have a slightly more plotty area for people to head to if interested. You can get to the entry area using t downwarp. Have fun!

And I’d just like to say again, since I don’t think it can ever be said enough: Whether or not you’re interested in RPing, or think you’re ‘good enough’ to join us in anything, we want to see you around! We do far more friendly socializing and play than any sort of RP, and even the RP isn’t expected to be high art. If you are friendly and supportive and empathetic, you have a place with us. So don’t be afraid to sign up, or show up if you’ve already signed up. We’d love to see you! 

03 May 2014

Possibility Space - A Wanderer's Guide

Postfurry MUCK has an intentionally rambling topology that we’re rather proud of. Why constrain yourself to compass points and planetary structure when there’s so much more you can do? But, we know, that makes it a bit confusing to get around, sometimes. We have a guide that helps out with the basics of finding others to hang out with, but we’d also like to encourage people to explore, to find new places and maybe start their own.

To that end, we’ve recently tidied up the topology slightly, and added a few new aids to getting around. From any location on the MUCK, you’re now able to type dir or map to get an idea of the other locations around you. This is based on the area you’re in. For example, if you’re in Oneiropolis, you’ll get a guide to the city districts, and if you’re in the 12Fold System, you’ll get a list of the planets and their attractions. Much of the newer building isn’t categorized to an area yet, so there you’ll get a general overview of the big areas and other destinations in greater possibility space. You can also get this large-scale view from anywhere by typing gdir or gmap .

New Command Summary

  • dir / map
    Get a guide to the area you’re in
  • gdir / gmap
    Get a general list of MUCK areas.

So, go out there and explore! You might be surprised what you find!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know, either here, or by contacting one of the wizzes on the MUCK.

16 April 2014

Plots are afoot...

We’ve had a lot of great new activity on the MUCK lately, new building, new faces, and lots of great interaction. We’ve also started to have a few discussions about starting up some more involved RP threads, which will be open for whoever is interested to get involved.  We’re going to be doing some blog posts and tweets to let everyone know about those.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • The PFMuck Twitter account will be tweeting out short plot hooks. These will always include a character name called out in [brackets]. That character is the one to look for and contact to get involved in the RP.
  • The news feed here will be used to give more details on plots as needed.
  • If you have a plot you’d like to feature, send a DM to @pfmuck, or contact Indi on the MUCK.

As always, we really want to make the MUCK comfortable for everyone; involved plot stuff will usually take place in separate areas from the usual social spaces (though there may be occasional IC plot discussion happening anywhere).  You don’t have to be involved in a plot, we really value the social vibe we already have and don’t want to mess that up.At the same time, don’t feel shy about trying to get involved with a plot even if it seems to be going already. Part of the point of doing a public plot is to make it easy for new folks to get involved. Don’t feel like you have to have encyclopedic knowledge, or pass some sort of serious RP test, in order to get involved. Everyone wants everyone else to have a good time. 

14 April 2014

Public Building

A number of folks have asked about how to build new public areas on the MUCK, which is awesome. (Just as a reminder though, all the old locations are still there too, and it’s totally cool if you want to hang out at old places as well!) The new Possibility Space hub is set up to encourage adding new places nearby. We already have one new place, a new Bazaar, reachable from there, and we’d love to see more.

MUCK building is a bit complex, and it’s not covered in the guides on our site yet, so in the meantime, here’s a guide that does a good job of covering the basics.

In addition to the commands in there, we also have the @xdig command, which speeds up building a lot since it lets you create a room and the exits into and out of it all at once. This is also the easiest way to create a room connected to Possibility Space; the @xdig program is set up to allow anyone to create an exit and room from there. Type @xdig #help for more info on how to use that.

If you want your place to be easy to get to, there’s a few other things that you’ll probably want to set up too:

  • It’s a good idea to have a section at the bottom of your room description that describes the general feel the room is going for. Is your room geared toward particular kinks, or other activity? That’s the place to put it. We usually refer to this as the ‘vibe’ of a room, not as strong as a theme or a set of rules (though you can have those too if you think you need them), but just some pointers toward general feel. Usually this is in the desc inside double brackets, like so:
    [[ Vibe: <whatever> ]]
  • To make it easy to get to your place, you’ll probably want to add it to the global teleport list. Anyone can do this, using this command:
    t #gadd <name>=<room dbref#>
  • You can also have your place show up on the WhereAre list. Make sure to set both the text shown when typing just wa as well as the direction info shown in wa #dir. To do this, use these commands in the room you want to be listed:
    wa #set <comment>
    wa #setdir <directions, like 't place'>

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the staff, we’re always happy to help!

09 November 2013

Server's up!

We’re up and running at our new home. The server is For regular connections, the port is now 4444, and, for those muck clients that support it, you can connect using SSL/TLS on port 5555.

Please let me know if you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment here about it if you can’t contact me some other way.

24 October 2013


All investigators who were willing to comment assured us that actual disruptions are minimal.  ”Everything that was real before, is still real now, though perhaps arranged slightly differently”, said a thought release from the Association for Applied Ontometrics and Theoretical Topiary. 

If you experience any significant disorientation or confusion from the lingering effects of this phenomenon, experts advise you to simply think of some familiar place, seek out someone else you know, or, if all else fails, create yourself a new universe using the usual method. 

24 October 2013

New Beginnings!

Hi everyone! We’ve got a bunch of great new stuff we’ve been working on for a while that we’re finally ready to announce.

Firstly, this website!  We’ve been in need of a centralized news and help site for a long time.  This will replace the old defunct LJ group, and will be the place to go for news, server updates, and hopefully a bunch of other stuff too.  We have a list of help files for folks who are new to this MUCK, or to MUCKing in general.  We’re also hoping to use this site to organize events.  Our community is small, so we think we could really benefit from things like organized in-server parties and RP times.

Next, some changes to the MUCK itself.  We’ve had a lot of fun with the 12 worlds that the MUCK began as, but we’ve slowly grown beyond that, and it’s time the name of the place reflected that.  For the moment, we’re going to try just calling it Postfurry MUCK.  We know, that is a very generic, somewhat bland name, but that’s part of the point.  We’re going to be developing it further, so consider this an interim name until we develop something better.

There have been lots of discussions, which many of you may have been involved in, about different themes and settings to try out for the MUCK.  We haven’t made any decisions yet, but we’re going to be making a few changes (starting with that name change) to encourage development in other directions.  Rest assured that all of these changes are additive, so we’re not planning on removing anything that’s currently on the MUCK. Instead, we want to adopt a theme that includes everything we’ve built so far, and also creates seeds for new things.

Finally, the MUCK server itself will be moving to its own home at  There’s a few reasons for this: a big one is to reduce the load on our current admin server admin (a very good buni), and another is just the nice feel of having everything under one name and address.  This is happening rather soon, because the current server machine is going down for maintenance later this week anyway.  We’ll be posting more info about this as it gets closer, and we have plans to make the move as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Indi or Elanna on the MUCK, or leave a comment here.