Postfurry Worlds

A New Venue

So, MUCKs, right? They’re not great for casual asynchronous access, or checking from your phone, or that sort of thing, are they? Well, we now have another alternative! We’ve set up a Discord server with a lot of the same audience and vibe as the MUCK itself, which we hope will be useful as a second channel and also a coordination method for more involved activity, like the aforementioned event nights.

Thus, needless to say, the MUCK isn’t going anywhere. Finicky old technology as it may be, it’s still really important to us and we’re going to keep it around as a place to go to, and explore, and do cool elaborate stuff in, when the stars align. But we wanted a way to make it easy for folks interested in postfurry topics to gather without having to jump over the pretty hefty hurdle of MUCK access. So, join us at the Postfurry Embassy Discord server!

Along with this, we’ve put together a Code of Conduct, that covers both the MUCK and the Discord server. This is an elaboration of our previous rules, more than a replacement; with easier access and possibly more visibility, we figured it was a good chance to define our terms a bit better.