Postfurry Worlds

About Us

Postfurry is a loose coalition of individuals and microcommunities brought together by shared interests that grew out of the furry community. Postfurries explore the possibilities that arise when furry is mixed with transhumanism, intertextuality, and the myriad edge-cases around sexuality, identity, gender, and spirituality. The aesthetic is furry but with more cyberpunk, magical realism, and weirdness. In postfurry spaces you might see everything from wolves and lionesses in glowy rave-wear to lava-lamp vixens and sentient black holes. The Postfurry Worlds website provides resources for a few postfurry gathering-places. We invite anyone who is curious about us to come and join the gathering.

The Postfurry Embassy Discord Server

The Embassy on Discord was the first embassy set up. It is now the quickest way to get to know various postfurries in an open and welcoming environment. It provides general-audience and less-general-audience chat channels, as well as a light RP channel. Come join us!

The Postfurry Embassy Telegram Group

The Embassy on Telegram is another place to meet various postfurries in an open and welcoming environment. It provides a general-audience channel and a place to use Telegram stickers. Come join us!

Postfurry MUCK 

The MUCK is more roleplay-focussed and heavily-themed than the Embassy. As such it has a (slightly) more stringent account creation policy; we prefer that MUCK users be Embassy regulars, or have a referral from an existing user. You can request a character here. This site also provides help info to aid new users in getting comfortable with the MUCK.


We’re not real big into long lists of rules, but it’s very important to us to have a close-knit, collaborative community. What we’re going for boils down to one simple thing: Don’t interfere with anyone’s good time. We’ve elaborated this into a Code of Conduct, which users should be familiar with, but the general idea is this: Be empathetic, be aware of the feelings of folks you’re talking to. If you feel like someone’s interfering with your fun, tell them; it may not be intentional.  If it’s still a problem, let an admin know.