Postfurry Worlds

New Beginnings!

Hi everyone! We’ve got a bunch of great new stuff we’ve been working on for a while that we’re finally ready to announce.

Firstly, this website!  We’ve been in need of a centralized news and help site for a long time.  This will replace the old defunct LJ group, and will be the place to go for news, server updates, and hopefully a bunch of other stuff too.  We have a list of help files for folks who are new to this MUCK, or to MUCKing in general.  We’re also hoping to use this site to organize events.  Our community is small, so we think we could really benefit from things like organized in-server parties and RP times.

Next, some changes to the MUCK itself.  We’ve had a lot of fun with the 12 worlds that the MUCK began as, but we’ve slowly grown beyond that, and it’s time the name of the place reflected that.  For the moment, we’re going to try just calling it Postfurry MUCK.  We know, that is a very generic, somewhat bland name, but that’s part of the point.  We’re going to be developing it further, so consider this an interim name until we develop something better.

There have been lots of discussions, which many of you may have been involved in, about different themes and settings to try out for the MUCK.  We haven’t made any decisions yet, but we’re going to be making a few changes (starting with that name change) to encourage development in other directions.  Rest assured that all of these changes are additive, so we’re not planning on removing anything that’s currently on the MUCK. Instead, we want to adopt a theme that includes everything we’ve built so far, and also creates seeds for new things.

Finally, the MUCK server itself will be moving to its own home at  There’s a few reasons for this: a big one is to reduce the load on our current admin server admin (a very good buni), and another is just the nice feel of having everything under one name and address.  This is happening rather soon, because the current server machine is going down for maintenance later this week anyway.  We’ll be posting more info about this as it gets closer, and we have plans to make the move as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Indi or Elanna on the MUCK, or leave a comment here.