Postfurry Worlds

Possibility Space - A Wanderer's Guide

Postfurry MUCK has an intentionally rambling topology that we’re rather proud of. Why constrain yourself to compass points and planetary structure when there’s so much more you can do? But, we know, that makes it a bit confusing to get around, sometimes. We have a guide that helps out with the basics of finding others to hang out with, but we’d also like to encourage people to explore, to find new places and maybe start their own.

To that end, we’ve recently tidied up the topology slightly, and added a few new aids to getting around. From any location on the MUCK, you’re now able to type dir or map to get an idea of the other locations around you. This is based on the area you’re in. For example, if you’re in Oneiropolis, you’ll get a guide to the city districts, and if you’re in the 12Fold System, you’ll get a list of the planets and their attractions. Much of the newer building isn’t categorized to an area yet, so there you’ll get a general overview of the big areas and other destinations in greater possibility space. You can also get this large-scale view from anywhere by typing gdir or gmap .

New Command Summary

  • dir / map
    Get a guide to the area you’re in
  • gdir / gmap
    Get a general list of MUCK areas.

So, go out there and explore! You might be surprised what you find!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know, either here, or by contacting one of the wizzes on the MUCK.