Postfurry Worlds


Everything seems like it’s been pretty quiet lately, what with no blog posts for years. We’ve been getting occasional new applicant attention though, which is always great; we always enjoy seeing new faces in our odd little between-spaces. We’ve recently been more active in granting unreferred requests too, so if you’re wondering whether you should submit or not, please do!

Behind the scenes there have been a few goings-on too; our associated communities have been doing a lot of worldbuilding discussion these past few months, and a lot of that is likely to start to make an appearance on the MUCK soon. If you like philosphically-themed high-concept settings that freely blend transhuman SF and weird fantasy, or just things named after quarks, watch this space.

Finally, we may do some events, or at least intentional gatherings, around the Glowtide season (December holidays, by the Terran calendar). Because hey, it’s not like anyone’s busy dealing with travel or exams or orthocosm social obligations, right? …Well, we’ll give it a try anyway.