Postfurry Worlds

Plots are afoot...

We’ve had a lot of great new activity on the MUCK lately, new building, new faces, and lots of great interaction. We’ve also started to have a few discussions about starting up some more involved RP threads, which will be open for whoever is interested to get involved.  We’re going to be doing some blog posts and tweets to let everyone know about those.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • The PFMuck Twitter account will be tweeting out short plot hooks. These will always include a character name called out in [brackets]. That character is the one to look for and contact to get involved in the RP.
  • The news feed here will be used to give more details on plots as needed.
  • If you have a plot you’d like to feature, send a DM to @pfmuck, or contact Indi on the MUCK.

As always, we really want to make the MUCK comfortable for everyone; involved plot stuff will usually take place in separate areas from the usual social spaces (though there may be occasional IC plot discussion happening anywhere).  You don’t have to be involved in a plot, we really value the social vibe we already have and don’t want to mess that up.At the same time, don’t feel shy about trying to get involved with a plot even if it seems to be going already. Part of the point of doing a public plot is to make it easy for new folks to get involved. Don’t feel like you have to have encyclopedic knowledge, or pass some sort of serious RP test, in order to get involved. Everyone wants everyone else to have a good time.