Postfurry Worlds

Enforcement Examples

The Best Case

The vast majority of situations work out like this, in our experience. This interaction is common, and generally positive.

Alex: "Hey Patt, that new art of your c-boy character is really cute!"

Patt: "Um, I don't really like to use that term for my chars, can you just say 'transmasculine' or something?"

Alex: "oh sorry, sure." → edits old message to "your lion boy chararacter"

The Admin Case

Sometimes, though, you need to get admins involved. Admins will do their best to resolve conflicts, but people who were harmed by something will take priority.

Patt: "All those folks into [insert kink here] are making us look really bad, what is wrong with those freaks?"

Alex: "Whoa there, could you dial it back a bit? There's a CoC thing about attacking folks like that."

Patt: "I'm not attacking anyone, are you deaf?"

Alex: /msg MxAdmin1 hey uh. Can someone look at #explicit? Patt is getting a bit aggro. I tried to nudge them about it, but nope.

MxAdmin1: "Hey Patt, admin here. Could you tone it down? This sort of attack is really not okay in this space."

Patt: "Leave me alone I haven't said anything bad wtf is wrong with you."

MxAdmin1: /msg @patt I mean it. Please refer to the CoC over at if you have questions, but you can consider this an actual warning. I'd appreciate it if you reworded your messages in #explicit, since they made folks there uncomfortable. Let's try and be kind, yeah?

Patt: /msg @mxadmin1 Okay sorry. I just had a really bad day and I'm frustrated and I guess I got carried away. I'll DM Alex a note apologizing and edit my messages. Sorry for the trouble.

MxAdmin1: /msg @patt Thanks for that. Bad days suck. :/ I hope things get better for you!

The Nope Case

KekFrog: "Hi, I am a literal actual nazi and I think white supremacists are quite fashionable."


Alex: "JFC NO. NOPE."

MxAdmin1: **peeks in** "Nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE. >:|"

KekFrog has been banned.


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